In response to some bad experiences that candidates have had with Recruiters and lack of success in applying for jobs I drafted this open letter to job seekers.

Dear Job Seeker,

Sorry to hear about your lack of success in your job search. Every recruiter would love to place you into a position if they could I’m sure. This is how we generate revenue for our businesses and essentially what we get paid to do.

The main issue that I face at the moment is that the employment market is ’employer driven’ (versus being ‘candidate-driven). Often I am given a very specific set of criteria of the person my client is after and my job is to provide candidates which meet that set of criteria. A couple of years ago my clients were much more inclined to look at someone that fits maybe 70%+ of the criteria and would invest in training them up. I am finding that in this market there is not much appetite for this, which I believe is partly due to the resources required to invest in training a person and the ability of my clients to find someone that fits 95% of the criteria. Additionally there does not seem to be a huge sense of urgency with some of my clients which means they are happy to wait for the person which does meet their requirements. I am not saying this is right or wrong or applies specifically in your case, I’m trying to provide some insight into how some recruiters operate.

In regards to lack of feedback on your applications, sometimes it is impossible to provide tailored feedback to each applicant. Sometimes I will have 100+ applications on a job and I do appreciate every single person taking the time to apply but unfortunately I will have to send a generic ‘not suited’ email. It is not personal and definitely not ideal however it is the only feasible method. And 9 times out of 10 the reason why the person has been unsuccessful and not been invited to interview is they don’t meet the criteria required.

My recommendation would be:

1; review your CV and Cover Letter, make sure that it is highlighting key points of the jobs you are applying for. If there is an area that you are lacking or an area that you think maybe of concern try to address it in the cover letter. For example if you live in Melbourne but are willing to work in WA advise in your cover letter that you are willing to relocate or travel at your own cost. Also, if you are applying for a couple of different types of positions (i.e. mechanical positions and safety positions) have a couple of different resumes which highlight your experience for each type of role you are going for.

2; try to identify one or two recruitment consultants which specialise in the discipline you are looking to find work in and also in the geographical locations you wish to work. If you are looking for work in a few locations (i.e. Perth, Melbourne and Sydney) maybe get an agent in each location.

3; don’t be afraid to take a step back to stay working. Back yourself to move up the ladder again quickly.

4; be resilient and keep on applying.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best in your job hunt.

Forrest Briggs
Principal Consultant / Director
Alchemy Recruitment Consulting