The Candidate’s Experience

The Challenge

To source, talent-pool, onboard and place an inclusive and diverse range of candidates into labour hire positions.  The following are summaries of two candidates whom we placed with BMA as part of an innovative talent acquisition strategy to promote an inclusive and diverse workplace. Each of these candidates shares their experience with Alchemy, including their journey from first contact to placement.

The Details

  1. Mechanical Project Engineer Temp to Permanent Worker at Saraji Mine BMA:

My experience with the staff at Alchemy was very much a case of being in the right place at the right time. I was initially contacted by Alchemy Recruitment via LinkedIn, followed by telephone. From first contact, I knew these recruitment professionals were great.

My interview occurred very soon after my initial discussion with Alchemy. The lead recruitment officer offered me the invaluable advice that the manager for the job for which I was applying understood I would have insufficient time to prepare for my interview, and therefore, to simply talk about my experience in the industry. The lead recruitment officer was highly professional and friendly, plus ensured that I had as much information about both the organisation and the position as possible. Some aspects of the role were somewhat ambiguous, but even the site manager of the role explained that some aspects of the job would become clearer by simply learning on the job.

Post interview, the lead recruiter offered more invaluable support and feedback, and he very promptly answered questions in regards to the progress of my application. I commenced the role two weeks later after going through the core induction and coal board medical. I commenced the position on-site as a contractor, and after a 3-month trial, my manager offered me a permanent position.

Personally, I had a great experience with Alchemy—unlike a lot of agencies, the lead recruiter contacted me numerous times after the interview, during the onboarding process, during the inductions, and during my time as a contractor. As of April 2021, I am a grateful permanent BMA employee. I would absolutely recommend Alchemy!

  1. Communications Technician-Temp at Daunia BMA:

In my experience, Alchemy’s staff are consummate professionals. I responded to a job advertisement on Job Seeker in February 2020.

I had never worked in the mining sector before, but the lead recruiter was a colossal help in answering technical questions, plus helping me to get a better understanding about the mining industry. He was extremely helpful and supportive in terms of providing me with relaxed yet thorough guidance throughout the recruitment process. He also helped me to prepare for the interview, providing me with a comprehensive and accurate job description that helped me substantially during the interview process with BMA.

The support from the lead recruiter and Alchemy was brilliant. After the interview, Alchemy kept me up to speed with my progress because there were recruitment delays and complications due to the ever-increasing challenges posed by COVID-19. Nevertheless, the lead recruiter provided me with the contact details of all necessary contacts at Alchemy, and I also received regular calls in the early phases of my job commencement. They also offered substantial support throughout the entire process.

I commenced the role in May 2020, and thanks to the support of Alchemy, I remain in this position in April 2021. I would definitely recommend Alchemy; they’re extremely good at providing up-to-date and relevant information, plus more importantly, they are an excellent source of support to all their candidates.


  • Demonstrated a deep industry knowledge and ability to create, implement, and bring to a successful outcome a strategic, inclusive, and diverse acquisition strategy, resulting in multiple female candidates being offered a contract with BHP, thereby contributing to the 2025 initiative.
  • Placements included ‘out of industry’ or non-mining experienced engineers.
  • Implemented the follow-up component of the strategy to confirm that BHP was satisfied with the candidates and contractors, and equally, ensuring that the candidates and contractors were satisfied in their roles and with completing tasks (in-line with their position descriptions). We also ensured that any and all questions or concerns by any of the stakeholders were addressed immediately and effectively.